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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What is a Test Plan?

Lets Plan our Testing

Contents of a Test Plan
A Test Plan is a document which defines the systematic approach of execution of testing and step by step approach of activities of testing. The Test Plan contains a detailed understanding of the eventual workflow of testing.

According to Testing Maturity Model Integration (TMMI)

The purpose of Test Planning is to define a test approach based on the identified risks and the defined test strategy, and to establish and maintain well-founded plans for performing and managing the testing activities”.

The plans are to be prepared by Test/QA Leads or by Project Managers only. In all test plans, the ETVX {Entry-Task-Validation-Exit} criteria are to be mentioned. Entry means the entry point to that phase. For example, for unit testing, the coding must be complete and then only one can start unit testing. Task is the activity that is performed.

Validation is the way in which the progress and correctness and compliance are verified for that phase. Exit tells the completion criteria of that phase, after the validation is done. For example, the exit criterion for unit testing is all unit test cases must pass.

ETVX is a modeling technique for developing worldly and atomic level models. It stands for Entry, Task, Verification and Exit. It is a task-based model where the details of each task are explicitly defined in a specification table against each phase i.e. Entry, Exit, Task, Feedback In, Feedback Out, and measures. 

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