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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cost of Quality

What is COQ “The Cost of Quality”?

Every time work is redone, the cost of quality increases

The "cost of quality" is not the price of creating a quality product or service. It’s the cost of NOT creating a quality product or service.It does not include costs associated with maintenance and quality training.
Examples include:
The reworking of a manufactured item.
•The retesting of an assembly.
•The rebuilding of a tool.
•The correction of a bank statement.
•The reworking of a service, such as the reprocessing of a loan operation or thereplacement of a food order in a restaurant.
In short, any cost that would not have been expended if quality were perfect contributes to the cost of quality.
The Total Quality Costs are the total of the cost incurred by:
•Investing in the prevention of nonconformance to requirements.
•Appraising a product or service for conformance to requirements.

•Failing to meet requirements.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Attitude of a Software Tester


 Attitude matters a lot for everything & particularly for S/w Tester. It reflects the way he sees the application.A tester is always a bridge between the client & company.

He should possess the below qualities:
Ø  Passion for analysis & testing.
Ø  Logical & Technical Capability.
Ø  Flexibility.
Ø  Communication Skills
Ø  Business Sense.

Ø  Constructively Destructive Sense

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Friday, June 17, 2016

A Comparison of Testing with Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance: It is an activity where we ensure that we implement the process, procedures & Standards. We implement all these through various methods to accomplish our goals and include ensuring conformance to one or more standards, such as ISO 9000 or a model such as CMMI. It is process oriented & preventive activity and a subset of STLC.

Quality Control: It is an activity which ensures that the requirements are verified for software. The implementation of procedures and process are followed with full focus on Actual Testing. It is product oriented activity and a corrective process. It is considered as the subset of QA.

Testing: It is an activity which ensures that we identify the 
fallacies of the software where the focus is on actual testing. It is 
Product Oriented activity with a preventive process. It is a subset of Quality Control.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

History of Software Testing

History of Testing 

Software Testing came into existence in 1960, not in a structured manner but it was the beginning. The oblivious reason of the birth or rather the need for a testing came because of lack of established standards of software engineering practices. Poor design and Regular hardware up gradation left many types of software in-effective and thus a strong need arose in the industry to produce faster and highly reliable software. The requirement of Software Testing increased with the increasing dependency on software along with good engineers.

Software Testing Originated to address the below issues:
  • Enhance the  processes,
  • Increase the reliability of product,
  • Deliver a quality product,
  • Deliver in time

D. Gelperin and W.C. Hetzel in their Book The Growth of Testing has briefly defined the classification in the below.They classified for software testing the following phases and goals:
  • Until 1956 it was the debugging oriented period, where testing was often associated to debugging and there was no clear difference between testing and debugging.
  • From 1957-1978 there was the demonstration oriented period where debugging and testing was distinguished now - in this period it was shown, that software satisfies the requirements.
  • The time between 1979-1982 is announced as the destruction oriented period, where the goal was to find errors.
  • 1983-1987 is classified as the evaluation oriented period: intention here is that during the software life cycle a product evaluation is provided and measuring quality.
  • From 1988 on it was seen as prevention oriented period where tests were to demonstrate that software satisfies its specification, to detect faults and to prevent faults

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Start, Accelerate & Zoom

Let's Automate - A Brief on Automation Testing 


      Automation Testing means using an automation tool to execute your test case suite. Automation testing is also known as Test Automation is when the tester writes scripts and uses an Automation Tool to test the software. This process involves automation of a manual process. Automation Testing is used for test scenarios for which we need to re-run the test scenarios for multiple times.

 Whatis.com defines it as " Automated testing tools are capable of executing testsreporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs. Tests carried out with these tools can be run repeatedly, at any time of day. The method or process being used to implement automation is called a test automation framework."

    The Objective of Automation Testing is 

  • simplifying testing efforts
  • usage of Manual intervention to the minimal

The automation software can also enter test data into the System Under Test, compare expected and actual results and generate detailed test reports.

Test Automation stresses a need of considerable investments of money and resources.Successive development cycles will require execution of same test suite repeatedly. Using a test automation tool it's achievable to record this test suite and re-play it as required. Once the test suite is automated completely, we do not require any human intervention is required. This improved ROI(Return of Investment) of Test Automation.

The Automation tools are very useful to speed up the test cycle as they can replicate manual testing processes at a much faster rate.Goal of Automation is to reduce number of test cases to be run manually and not eliminate manual testing all together. The Main Criteria or the Success Mantra automated software testing is by and large most successful when implemented by expert resource.

Automated testing is important due to following reasons:
  • Testing of all the Workflows, Functionalities and Negative Scenarios is time consuming & also cost.
  • Automation Testing is best suited for testing which requires testing the volume of data.
  • It is difficult to test for multi lingual sites manually.
  • It’s very useful for testing the performance of websites or an application.
  • Automation increases speed of test execution.
  • Automation helps increase Test Coverage.
  • Manual Testing is error prone as it’s a repeated activity involving human intervention.

What can we automate?
Automation is best suited for the following criterion to increase the automation ROI
  •        Critical Business Requirements which are of High Risk.
  •     Repeated Execution of Test Cases
  •         Test Cases that is very monotonous or difficult to perform manually.
  •     Test Cases which are lengthy.
       To Conclude on this above topic i would say automation is the way forward to make life better for testers but not to forget that unless you are strong in your basics of what to test and what not to any testing method will be of no use.... So lets learn our basics to move forward...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Traffic in the Web

 Ram was talking about his New Website to Shyam and he is excited about and shouted "I have a Visitor in my Site. and said Wow now my Hit Rate has increased. But Shyam on the other side is seriously thinking on the sudden slowness of his and was wondering.
 These jargons and thinking have become quite common.People talk more about Web Traffic as so much is happening there UP in the SKY and Of late we find that so many Websites & Blogs has dozens of vistiors visiting them everyday.

But as Web Site Owners or to say Web Developers / Analyst have we ever wondered that

" How are we going to ensure that sudden increase in the visitors is taken care of ? "

 " How are we going to handle this sudden surge in traffic without going down ? "

Wikipedia Describes Web Traffic as:

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. Since the mid-1990s, web traffic has been the largest portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit.

Sites monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to see which parts or pages of their site are popular and if there are any apparent trends, such as one specific page being viewed mostly by people in a particular country. There are many ways to monitor this traffic and the gathered data is used to help structure sites, highlight security problems or indicate a potential lack of bandwidth — not all web traffic is welcome.

Measurement of a Web Traffic:

It is based on the wants of the Visitiors and how we are satisfying there wants determines the meaurement of the page.

 For example:

If our search is buy a pair of shoes online

Our search results( In India) will show Jabong.com / Myntra.com/Flipkart.com.

Why should we measure a Website?

We basically measure the site to find out  
  • Popularity of the site , its individual page etc.,.
  • What is the reach of the site.
  • Does it require any changes in terms of look and feel.
  • What is the load time download etc and its behaviour during peak hours etc.,

How it is analysed ?

It can be analyzed by viewing the traffic statistics found in the web server log file, an automatically generated list of all the pages served.A hit is generated when any file is served. The page itself is considered a file, with images  thus a page with 5 images could generate 6 hits (the 5 images and the page itself).

A page view is generated when a visitor requests any page within the web site – a visitor will always generate at least one page view (the main page) but could generate many more. Tracking applications external to the web site can record traffic by inserting a small piece of HTML code in every page of the web site.

The Role Played by SEO:

The Majority of the Traffic is increased in Search Engine. People use the search engine as the main source for searching the services,the products they want to buy and for any other information they want to seek for. Search Engine Optiomation (SEO) plays a very major role in the optimation of the search results for a web site.It determines the listing of the site in the particular category for its targeted audience. Lot of ongoing process goes into the SEO for the listing of the site in the Search Engines.

Online Tool 

A powerful Tool available for analysing the Web Site Performance & Speed Analysis is Web Page Analyzer - 0.98 - from Company called Website Optimization. It is a very powerful tool which helps in the improvement of website performace and it is a available as a Free tool. 

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