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Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Product Testing

Wow a new product in the market...Cool what does it do? Why is it here? So many questions we ask before we think of buying it. How do we know that the customers are going to accept this/like it. So what do i have to do to answer the above questions.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for the above questions. So what is that? Lets explore more on that:

1.Feasibility testing – Using this technique we can find out whether the new product we planning to launch in the market is technically feasible to the business we are into.Patsula.com in its small business dictonary link defines this as "An analysis of a possible business opportunity that emphasizes income potential and likely expenses, with recommendations for an advantageous marketing approach". (Reference Link http://www.patsula.com/smallbusinessdictionary/ )

2.Verification & Validation – Popularly called as a V&V method it helps us to verify that the product meets the requirements and Validate the functionalities.Validation tells us that "Are you building the right thing?" and Verification says are "Are you building it right?"

3.PoC – Proof of Concept, small piece of business scenarios will be created for testing and then we will go for trial run with the required test environment needed for it. A Poc is mostly done, for an existing product which is successfully running in a windows (for example) the company may try to test it in a another platforms for a reaching more audiences. To find out whether the product is able to work on those platforms based on the outcomes of these test, they may either proceed or holdon.