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Monday, July 11, 2016

FEAR - Fight Your Way Up

                               Fear-- There is something Good About it

https://www.amazon.in/Testing-Made-Easy-v2-0-Evolution-ebook/dp/B00MAOD5DSWhat are we fearing for? An All important question we tend to ask ourselves for any action that we perform. But why are we fearing. Fear for what to lose or to gain. If your are going to lose then it justifies the reason why but is it still a worth.Just think about it.

According to Wikipedia the Etymology of Fear "The noun "fear" stems from the Middle English words feer, fere and fer, the Old English fǣr for "calamity" or "danger" (and its verb fǣran, "frighten", but also "revere") and is related to the Proto-Germanic fērą, "danger", the Proto-Indo-European *per, "to attempt, try, research, risk"". In German the word for "danger" is Gefahr, in Dutch gevaar, in Swedish fara, in Albanian frikë, and in Latin perīculum, which is the root for the term in the Romance languages.

   Fear as described is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger,pain or harm.It is a feeling that is induced by perceived danger that occurs in our organisms which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions as Wikipedia puts it.Fear is an emotional danger that lets us deals with situation of life that are a legitimate threats. But overcoming them is the most important way to getting rid of them. the most dangerous fear for fear is fear is itself. 

But why are we fearing? Expectations can be the answer to it. When we have too much expectations the fear of losing them if it isn't happening turns us violent or worried. The Traumas or bad experience is always a way of learning life and to move forward with the leanings from them.

But to me if you ask Fear is good. Fear brings in you the potential that you have which will not be with you when you are normal. A Fear to lose in your exam makes you study well makes you get through your exams in flying colors and fear of getting beaten from a big guys can make you prepare yourself well for the fight. Fear brings in you the positive side of your life that makes you face the situation of life in a fearless way.But i would say the if we are not fearing we are not living. We will jumping from the top of the buildings, going around with people who are suffering with more deadly diseases the purpose of fear is for us to survive. As Charles Darwin says in evolution that its the survival of the fittest.

To overcome fears there are so many ways to do it ... am not going to define those because anyway you all will be practicing some and am not here to reinvent the wheel again. All i say is See always a positive side in all actions that you perform and in all failure learn what that teaches you rather what you lost it.

We will live only once lets live a life that is worth a living. 

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