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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Is testing a painful act or Boon to the industry?

How are we going to define testing is it a process or a act ? Its indeed a very tricky to answer them as both the words addressed indeed gains an importance on its own. 

https://www.amazon.in/Testing-Made-Easy-v2-0-Evolution-ebook/dp/B00MAOD5DSTesting is a process where we follow a set of rules and are guided by a parameters to define them and establish that the findings are matching up to the expectations of the requirements. The primary goal of a Testing Process is to ensure that it meets the business and technical requirements that guides the design and development.

https://www.amazon.in/Testing-Made-Easy-v2-0-Evolution-ebook/dp/B00MAOD5DSTesting is an act, because only when you act or rather take action on the requirements as described by our customers and do a proper execution of testing against that then we can see the results. It is a continuous action that needs to be performed to ensure that the quality of testing is maintained.

You drive a Motorcycle wearing a helmet saves your head and you are very aware of it you can also ride or drive a motorcycle without a helmet is also possible but how safe it is ??? is a big question. Same is the case with Software Testing as well. You can develop and deliver the products to your customers without checking and testing  them. But do you have the confidence to say that the product you just delivered is of good quality and has full filled all the requirements your customers asked for.... Think about... 

So for the IT Industry Software Testing is indeed a Useful Painful Act that helps in ensuring the quality and it is a boon which has today raised the standard of the quality and has made lot of Happy Customers :)

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