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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Block Chain - Secured and Connected

A Block Chain Network
BlockChain has been a buzz in recent times, a lot is happening around this technology on the internet which was originally been invented for Bitcoin transactions. The blockchain is the Brain Child of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Since its invention, it has evolved itself and Various Industries like the Financial and Automotive industries are using it because of its highly secure structure. 

It was actually invented to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and to solve the double-spending problem without the need for a trusted authority or central server.

What is a BlockChain?
What is a Block Chain

 An Ever-Evolving List of records called Blocks which are linked using cryptography. The data held within a blockchain is decentralized, which means a copy of the existing blockchain is on every machine in the network. You Can Add a new Block and cannot be deleted and in case of update of the application, you need to sync in order to have the common history.

How Block Chain Works ?

How Block Chain Works 
Each Block Contains a Cryptographic Hash of the previous track, timestamp, and a transaction. So Every Addition that is made in a Blockchain can be seen across the network and the transaction is cryptographically linked to the previous transaction thereby ensuring safe and secure transaction.  It is a network of Nodes ( A Node is a computer connected to the blockchain using a client that performs the act of validation and transporting the data) and every node is an administrator which joins itself voluntarily ( thus making it decentralized across the system) making the whole second level of the powerful and secured network. The Transactions between two parties is done in an open and verified manner and its basic structure and way its designed makes blockchain unique and very much secured.

How to Test them?
How to Test them?

So in technologies like these how are we going to test them? How are we going to ensure that the BlockChain application is good to go? Though we say that its a secured platform how are we going to ensure that it is what it is? 

In Application like these various testing that can be carried out is the 

  • Unit Testing,
  • Functional Testing,
  • Integration Testing,
  • Database Testing.

Though it looks like I have mentioned almost all types of testing. I have only mentioned those types of testing which blockchain is designed for and way it is used for.

Unit Testing done by the developers tests the lowest and highest level of programmes to ensure that they are working in as per the functionality.

Whereas the Functional Testing done by the Testers ensures that the application as a whole is working as per the functionality.

Meanwhile, Integration Testing ensures that the various Systems across when integrated into one system/application is working properly with a correct pass of data and information as per the requirement.

Database Testing is done to ensure that it is able to index its data properly and Data Querying in blockchain is slow and we need to be very patient to ensure that the block confirms your transactions.

Testing Tools for a BlockChain

There are Tools available for Testing a BlockChain Application to ensure that application is efficient & secured. 
  • Ethereum ( The best-known blockchain (other than Bitcoin)
  • Ethereum Tester
  • Truffle
  • Ganache (formally Testrpc)
  • Populus (For testers who prefer Python)
  • Manticore
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Exonum Testkit
  • Embark Framework
  • Corda Testing Tools

With Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning etc., the Industry is always evolving and the current focus is on the Data and how are we going manipulate them to its best use and its security is a major concern and with BlockChain is definitely the future as many more financial transactions are happening across the internet and using a smartphone. The blockchain is the way to move forward for a Safe & Secured manner.