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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Beautiful word called "Testing & Quality"

Testing what a beautiful word it is and i can't get enough of it. Think of a product that a customer buy that is not tested . What can be the end result for that? Only Complaints and Commotions . Unhappiness will be a strong emotion of the customers whenever they go out to buy or when using the product. With the advent of testing a new world of happiness , prosperity and peace came alive and "Quality" was born. With Quality becoming a Mantra with every product that is produced people became more at rest and confident in using the product and also anything they buy. The confidence in company and the product which comes out of their factories rose to a level where business in general became more easy and profitable. The world as whole became more discliplined and manageable.

Through this Blog i would be sharing with you all my views and insights of testing . This would be my medium of communication to the world of what iam and what i feel. You have any thing to say please feel free to mail me.