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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Basic Test Metrics

Lets learn some basic test metrics...

The below metrics are some of the basic metrics which comes handy for testing professionals. There are more to add but below are the basics. Read them & use them...Happy Learning...:)

Effort(HM)= productivity(Hour-men/FP) * size (FP) FP means Functional Points.

For Example:

Effort = (Productivity * total afp)/ 21 *8

(here 21 is the no: of working days & 8 (is the number of working hrs per day)

so the total effort comes to = (12 * 400) / (21*8)= 28.57 manmonths~= 29 manmonths

12 is a random figure in hrs

Now assuming your average manmonth cost is 1 lakh ,so the total cost of developing

the software comes to 29 *1 = 29 lakhs

To Calculate Man Days = Total Effort/8 ( 8 is the 8hrs perday of work)

To Calculate Man Months = Man Days * 22 days.( No.ofdays depends on the company)

To Calculate Productivity ( test cases executed per day)= Effort /Size .

Rework Effort Ratio:

{(Actual rework efforts spent in that phase / Total actual efforts spent in that phase)} * 100

Test Case Adequacy:

No. of actual test cases / No: of test cases estimated

Test Case Effectiveness:

This defines the effectiveness of test cases which is measured in number of defects found in testing without using the test cases.

It is calculated as

No. of defects detected using test cases*100/Total no: of defects detected

Effort Variance :

{(Actual Efforts-Estimated Efforts) / Estimated Efforts} *100

Schedule Variance:

{(Actual Duration - Estimated Duration)/Estimated Duration} *100