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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Benefits of Third Party Software Testing


Software Testing an integral part of Software Development Life Cycle where its presence and activity helps in the success of a Product Delivery and Customer Satisfaction. In recent times Industry has given more importance to Quality and Standards of  every Software  that is delivered, opening up new avenues for Experts in Software Testing to step in. 

Third Party Software Testing Company today has raised new bars in Quality and Delivery Standard on How Applications/Software should be delivered. The task of software testing to the third party companies who have sufficient expertise in the software testing services, and offer their bug-resolving solutions related to software and applications. 

They are also called as "#Independent Testing" because they are not affiliated with the producer nor the user of the item being tested: no commercial bias is present. These "contract testing" facilities are sometimes called "third party" testing or evaluation facilities.

Quality: A Team of Experts when do a work the output is bound of high standard and therefore which will definitely enhance the quality of work done.They have professionals that are highly skilled and trained for software testing. They are familiar with various domains and knows the issue areas and how to address them.

Reduction in Operational Cost: One of the most important behind a Third Party is that it reduce cost of the software. Asia today has become the hub for largest market for outsourced software testing . The reason behind this is the cheap cost of Software Testing services and the high quality work they provide.So how is that a Third Party company able to give a service of testing with a low cost. Its a simple math.Use them when you need them as they are can be hired for both short and long periods of time. When you hire a Tester on a full time you need to pay him the whole year during the project days and also during bench. This is actually increases the cost rather if you going to hire a team of professional as long as you need them you actually are getting your work done with a high and also with a reduce cost as you are not going to pay him the whole year or definitely not on Bench Days....

TimeSince they specialize in Testing the turnaround time for test activity is often much shorter. For Projects which require quick turn around delivery you need experts to do this for you and expert and dedicated team can, So if companies are in a hurry to deliver software in the market as early as possible then they can outsource software testing. 

Knowledge Areas: Various Projects comes with various levels of Domain Knowledge and the Company has to learn, Train and Set-up basic level of infra structures in order get going and to deliver these involves huge cost involvement and also knowledge. A Huge Gap of knowing and not knowing will end up in the company losing its contract. These gray areas of lack of  knowledge will be filled in by Third Party Companies who come with a sufficient knowledge and approach.

So justifying the heading above i would suggest that way forward is Third Party Software Testing particular for Startups, Small and Medium Level Company for them it comes as a big boon in so many ways.

For any queries of Third Party Software Testing and for any other queries.

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